Dear Friendly Travel customers,

Due to recently announced upgrades to the Dubai airport runway for April 2019, this has resulted in some Emirates flights out of Dubai being cancelled.

As a result of this, there will be a revised departure date for our 17 day Wonders of Egypt and Dubai tour which will now depart on the 28 April 2019 and return home on the 14 May 2019.

To quickly highlight the changes –

  1. The Nile cruise itinerary has been affected and we will now complete a 3 night Aswan to Luxor route. Previously it was a 4 night Luxor to Aswan route. Cruise and cabin types remain the same.
  2. As a result to cruise change, our post cruise overnight will be in Luxor instead of Aswan
  3. By shortening the cruise length, we now have an extra day to spend in Cairo – please refer to day 11 of the itinerary which we have arranged a half day tour of the magnificent Churches of Old Cairo with lunch.

The tour price remains the same and for the full itinerary, please kindly visit

Thank you very much for your understanding,

Friendly Travel Service