Results of our February Giveaway Promotion are in!

Congratulations to our lucky customers below and over the next few days our staff will contact you to confirm your winning prize!

Prize Value Name
$1000 Quang Van TRUONG
$500 Edward KHONG
$500 Anh NGUYEN
$200 Lay Pink CHEW
$200 Thi Thu Huong LE
$200 Lay Hong CHUA
$200 Ka Lon CHIO
$200 Tadeusz BIALOWIECKI
$100 Canh An NGO
$100 Lien Kim Thi NGUYEN
$100 Sin Jin HUANG
$100 Thien Khai PHAN
$100 Ngoc Bich LE
$100 Paul Joseph DWYER
$100 Thi Danh LY
$100 Wenying WU
$100 Van Do Ngo
$100 Minh Tri LE