Dear guest,
We have moved our tour photo galleries to an easy to navigate website!

Note: To protect the privacy of tour members, each gallery has a specific password and can only be accessed by those who went on the tour.

You can access these photos in two ways –

On a PC – 
1. Please visit
2. Click on the link at the top that says “PHOTOS” – it will take you to our gallery site
3. To view your gallery – just enter the password.

Via smartphone (Iphone or Android) – 
1. On the Apple Appstore or Google Playstore download the app – SMUGMUG
2. Open up the app and then click on – FIND PHOTOGRAPHERS
3. Search for – Friendly Travel and you’ll see us pop up in the results
4. To access your gallery please use the password.

For further assistance, please speak to our friendly team at or (03) 9326 9899.