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Who are we

Established in 1977, Friendly Travel caters for all types of domestic and overseas travel for Australians, offering competitive prices and highly personalised service for our customers.

Our early days comprised mainly of organised group tours to many popular destinations of Asia and as time progressed, we have expanded our international network across this wonderful world. Over the years, we have helped many thousands of Australians with memorable trips and to this day, are proud to continue our lasting friendship with our passengers who have then entrusted us with second and even annual journeys across this incredibly diverse planet of ours.

Friendly Travel’s most personalised service, modest prices and high quality tours are renowned. Being a family run business, we stand by our work and reputation as a reliable tour agency.

We sincerely hope it shines through whenever you join a Friendly Travel tour.

Welcome to our website and please feel free to navigate and check out our prices which are constantly updated.

Chanh Vuong 
Managing Director


Dennis Vuong 

General Manager

Pictured above – Chanh and Dennis Vuong in Rio De Janiero outside the Macarana Soccer Stadium (South America tour June 2013)